Sunday, March 27, 2011

Haute Couture: Earth Inspired Collection

As a designer I am an advocate to mother nature. I didnt have any formal education that relates to fashion designing and I didn't have any influence from another artist or designer. All that i know are the basic things that i got from my parents since i was raised and nurtured in a family of tailors. As a designer I am blessed to have this gift to create. My style is pure and untainted with no influences but only inspirations.

My designs reflects what i see around me, things that i love and appreciate the most; NATURE. The flowing water, the melting snow, the flower that blooms in the early spring, the soft earth, the morning light, the serine ocean, the warm sunny beach, the white clouds that floats like cotton balls in the blue summer skies, the tranquil grey horizon when it rains and the cool breeze after the rain, the forest, the tropical landscapes, the rich flora and fauna, the vivid colors, the sand, the colorful butterflies, the bluish mountains, the seemingly playful fireflies, the sparkling universe in the midnight sky, the stars, the colorful underwater reefs and wildlife....everything that i see around me, inspires me.

This collection embodies the wonder and beauty of nature and its many splendor. And the reason of creating this collection is to show my advocacy; that even in my own little way, silently reminding everyone that we have a paradise. A paradise that we have to take care and treasure, my source of inspiration and our life. EARTH...

Leo Caleza Almodal
fashion designer and art director

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